New Answers To The Problems Of Ageing And Health

Based in London and Oxford, Agetrust seeks to initiate and support vital work to improve treatment of and to prevent age-related conditions, secure better immediate health care, and enrich and improve quality of life and wellbeing for older people in dealing with long term and age related conditions.


Agetrust functions best as a small charity with a special mission. We do not seek to replace or replicate the great work done by major charities. We are most effective in helping all - government, charities, business and research - to work together and make progress by combining forces.

The Trust has a background in supporting areas of endeavour which leading researchers consider to be under-funded or insufficiently addressed. Needless to say, such relatively neglected or under-funded endeavours can be the highest impact places to invest new money. Currently our focus is on prevention, timely diagnosis and crisis prevention for vascular component conditions including dementias, stroke, diabetes and CVD. We are also beginning to address osteoporosis. Our concentration is increasingly on assisting GPs and community pharmacies to go from dealing with illness to being proactive in helping people to be well and have increased wellbeing.


Solutions to the health problems of ageing go beyond the treatment of individual conditions. Agetrust seeks to help create and to fund new answers to all the problems of ageing and health.

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