AGETRUST (The Age Related Diseases and Health Trust) is a small charity having a big effect - by staying small.


There are plenty of big charities. Our role is to help them, the grassroots voluntary and community sector, central and local government, health professionals and business work together to get better results for older people’s health. From leading an action group for and co-funding the Dementia Action Alliance to helping develop and deliver health and social care navigation capabilities in GP and pharmacy wellbeing practices, funding age related disease research, creating and co-producing self-help guidance, working to improve health and wellbeing commissioning, encouraging grassroots community connections… our job has been to be the catalyst to get things done.

ISOLATION, LONELINESS and LACK OF SUPPORT for older people are increasingly evident as core problems undercutting much of the progress we and all sectors have made. We must now make these issues a primary focus, and are therefore delighted to have begun working with the social enterprise Home To Home Calls (HTHC). HTHC have demonstrated the effectiveness of their excellent and genuinely neighbourhood befriending service. In joining forces with them we can use our expertise to extend and enrich that befriending into providing navigation to all relevant health, social care and wellbeing support. Our proven technique of bringing together and making readily available the best existing sources of help and strength is entirely person-centred and draws from all sectors. This cross-sector approach has great promise for better care for our ageing population whatever the government’s financial constraints. HTHC being a paid for service (albeit moderately), Agetrust will also support a level of voluntary service provision for all, regardless of ability to pay.

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